SLRA Women Group at the South London Gallery in March 2022

Come and see our exhibition, 4-25 March!

The SLRA Women Group’s quilt will be displayed at the South London Gallery in a group exhibition ‘We are a group of excellent women!’ with the Feminist Library from the 4th until the 25th of March 2022. Find out more about the exhibition and opening times on the South London Gallery’s exhibition site. Read the story behind our Women Group Quarantine Quilt here.

Get your copy of the SLRA Women Group Zine!

Accompanying the exhibition, SLRA is excited and proud to share our first ‘Women Group Zine‘. This unique magazine (zine) contains beautiful photographs of the women’s quilt pieces and short texts where the women speak about the inspiration behind their pieces and what the quilt symbolises for them. The zine is not only an incredible record of the quilt, but also of our lockdown year of online Women Group sessions more generally, it includes artwork, poems, photographs, sessions on mental health and wellbeing and much much more.

Against a minimum donation of £10 + postage of £2 per zine we will send you a copy of the SLRA Women Group Zine ‘We are a group of excellent Women’ – Selection of art, wisdom and knowledge shared during one year of online sessions and community organising.

How do I get my copy of the Zine? Just send an email with your name and address to and you will receive details about the payment. If you’re a local, the zine will also be available for sale at our SLRA office and at the South London Gallery Bookshop for the duration of the exhibition (4 – 25/March/2022). The zine has over 90 pages printed on high quality paper and with a beautiful and smooth finish – perfect gift for yourself or friends : )

Come and join our community workshop, 12 March!

On the 12th of March, we will also host a community workshop at the South London Gallery. We Want Change! Is a day of workshops and discussions led by SLRA and the Feminist Library exploring the quarantine quilt and raising awareness about SLRA’s broader advocacy work for migrants’ rights in London. 

In a panel discussion, some of the quilt artists and SLRA community leaders will discuss the stories behind their quilt pieces, as well as their engagement in migrant rights’ activism, the impact of the hostile environment and the ‘No Recourse to Public Funds’ policy on migrant communities. The panel will be accompanied by creative activities to give participants a glimpse of how SLRA try to create community in their Women’s Group sessions through art and play, and for everyone to get involved in making a collaborative piece of artwork about change. Following SLRA’s workshop the Feminist Library will host a creative flag making making workshop with artist Halina Edwards.

Reserve your space for the event on the South London Gallery’s event site.