Community Education Project

Together with a group of our community leaders, SLRA and Project 17 have co-produced a series of three community education videos about the issues of ‘No Recourse to Public Funds’ (NRPF), ‘Section 17′ support’ and ‘Immigration Advice’. You can watch our three videos on YouTube and download our accompanying information brochure with key terms, infographics and signposting guide for each topic here.

(1) ‘No sense of humanity’ – the hidden violence of No Recourse to Public Funds

This video is about what ‘no recourse to public funds’ (NRPF) is, who is impacted, what does it mean to live with NRPF and how to get support.

(2) ‘Don’t give up!’ – Section 17 support for families with NRPF

This video is about so-called ‘Section 17’ support by local authorities for destitute migrant families. Our community leaders share their experience with and advice on accessing Section 17 support.

(3) ‘We need Justice!’ – Immigration advice in the UK

Access to qualified immigration advice is vital for survival in this hostile immigration system! In this video our community leaders share their experience with and advice on accessing regulated legal advice.

The videos have been produced by Young Creators UK. YCUK is a non for profit community interest company supporting young people into creative industries.

Project Background

In 2020, we started regular sessions at SLRA with a group of women with lived experience of destitution as a result of NRPF or insecure immigration status. For over one year we came together regularly to share our experiences with each other during the pandemic. We organise to improve access to justice not only for ourselves but for all the members of our community who face similar discrimination. Our activities included for example an online awareness-raising workshop for over 90 people.

During our meetings and talking to others we have found that there is a lack of awareness and understanding of what NRPF is, the harm it causes and also the barriers migrants face to regularise their status in the UK’s hostile environment policy and to access Section 17 support for themselves and their children. People with insecure status are often scared to speak up and ask for help. This makes our suffering invisible. 

This is how we developed the idea to make these videos together with Project 17 in order to share our knowledge, empower others to access the services and support they need. The videos are guided by the belief that knowledge is power. We hope that the videos will teach many people about the issues of NRPF, raise awareness and encourage those who need help to seek support and speak up for their rights! 

If you are interested in our community education and local campaigning work, and would for example like to use our community videos and information material for a training or screening, please get in touch with us!

Having access and good information is very important because it helps you to leave your stress, your anxiety and it gives you hope.

SLRA Community Leader