We want change

Blog entry written by Shatha – volunteer, community leader and active member of our women’s group; and Lisa On March the 12th we hosted in collaboration with The Feminist Library a day to celebrate International women’s day. On this day, we celebrated the collective achievement of the quilt and the Zine. The quilt was displayed […]

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Local Homelessness Support Project

written by Sophie Beech In May 2021, SLRA secured funding from the Greater London Authority (GLA) to work in partnership over the next twelve months with local homelessness support services to provide immigration advice to homeless and vulnerable non-EEA nationals, and to strengthen relationships between homelessness services and immigration advice providers. SLRA recognizes how vital […]

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10 marathons in 10 days …. at 62!!!

To celebrate South London Refugee Association’s 30th anniversary Celestine Agbo, our Foodbank coordinator, will run an incredible 262 miles over 10 days – a full marathon each and every day starting on Saturday 4th September.  At the tender age of 62, Celestine, who has completed the London Marathon 20 times, will pound the streets of South London in what will be […]

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Access to the COVID-19 vaccination for migrants and refugees

In the beginning of December 2020, the UK started with the vaccination program for COVID-19. Since we live in a pandemic, there has been much (mis-)information around and about COVID-19 and the vaccines. Therefore, it can be extremely difficult to know what is true and what is not – especially if most of the information is not […]

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