Donate goods

Donate goods

SLRA’s specialist advice and support aims to work with vulnerable people to help them build the knowledge, skills and confidence they need to build a safe and stable life. But many people who contact us for support are in crisis; often experiencing homelessness or destitution as result of their insecure immigration status.

Donate to our Food Bank

Our emergency food bank provides practical essentials to keep people going while our advisors work to move them out of crisis.

A one off or regular donation to our foodbank makes a real difference to people’s lives when they most need it.
Tinned foods, basic staples and toiletries all go straight to those in need.
Call 07858 941 407 to find out how to donate.

Donate other goods

We also need donations of used laptops and mobile phones. A laptop can be a lifeline to someone who is isolated and alone – allowing them to join our online activities or to continue college studies. Mobile phones are desperately needed so that people can keep in touch with caseworkers and keep vital medical or legal appointments.

For more information about how to donate the goods we need please call 02034903443.
Please note that we are unable to take donations of clothing or furniture.