Advocacy and Policy

Peer-support sessions and training allow us to come together to exchange and reflect on experiences and to work together towards social justice and positive change.

Our Community Leaders group work to organise around issues they care about we work together with Citizens UK who offer leadership and community organizing training. SLRA is a member of the Lambeth Citizens Alliance.

Find out more about our recent ‘Learning from Lived Experience’ Campaign and our report on improving outcomes for destitute migrant families in Lambeth.

Young people we work with are invited to join our Youth Participation Group. The group meets regularly to discuss issues affecting young migrants and is currently contributing to the review of Local Authority policies on the provision of care and support to unaccompanied asylum seeking young people as well as advising SLRA on best practice issues.

“There is a power in everyone’s voice and in people coming together and speaking in one voice. Our lived experience is important. We know what we have been through, we know the pain. We know what we are talking about.”

Grace (Member of our NRPF community support group)