Youth Casework

SLRA is regulated by the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC) to provide immigration advice at Level 3, we hold the Advice Quality Standard and are a member of London Youth.

The level and type of casework support SLRA provides varies on a young person’s needs and the issues they are experiencing but usually covers issues such as immigration, social care needs, destitution support, education, and health.

In order to be able to access this service, the young person must:

  1. Be aged between 11-24,
  2. have a connection to South London,
  3. and either be in the asylum system or vulnerable as a result of their immigration status.

SLRA will not seek to duplicate support and so caseworkers will not be responsible for any duties that are normally expected of the Local Authority or statutory services. However, we will be available to provide specialist advice support to foster carers, social workers, and other front line professionals in order to contribute to positive outcomes for migrant young people and to ensure that their additional support needs are met. We are a small team, with limited capacity, and so will always prioritise supporting young people who do not already have an effective support network.


If you are a professional referring a child or young person to our service for casework support, please use the below referral form. If you or a child or young person needing support, please either use the below referral form or call us on 0203 490 3443.

We would encourage you to read the below referral guidelines before referring a young person to ensure that we are the most appropriate service to refer to. If you are still unsure about this after reading the referral guidelines, please call SLRA on 0203 490 3443 to discuss this case before making a referral.

Our team is sometimes at capacity, meaning that we cannot take on new cases. We would therefore encourage you to call SLRA on 0203 490 3443 to check whether we have capacity before emailing a referral form. Please see our guidance below before referring: