Behind the Scenes: Interview with community leader Mary

Interviewer: Lisa, volunteer at SLRA; Interviewee: Marry Mary is an active member of our women’s group and joined our 4-Week Community Organising Course in February facilitated by CitizensUk. I interviewed Marry on the phone about her motivation to participate in the course, the impact the course had, and her hopes for the future. What is/was […]

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Social Tuesday

written by Hannah (ARSP intern) On Tuesdays the Woodlawn Centre next to the SLRA office becomes a social space for migrants and asylum seeker. Last year, we started the Social Tuesday. On this day of the week, we offer drop-ins for ESOL (Englisch for Speaker of Other Languages ) and community lunch. In the morning, […]

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Youth Group Enjoys Weekly Adventures

In the last three weeks, the youth group was busy exploring London and going on many adventures!   It’s tradition that over the summer break, SLRA staff and all of the young people who attend the Youth Club sessions, head out on different trips, instead of participating in regular activities. This year, the young people had lots of exciting days-out planned: from London Zoo and ice skating in Streatham to exploring the Natural […]

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ESOL Garden Party

written by Sarah, one of the ESOL teachers After almost 86 online lessons on Mondays and Thursday over 16 months of Lockdowns the ESOL team finally got to reunite with some of our students at a garden party at the Woodlawn Centre today. Students came from as far away as Wembley and Hammersmith to join […]

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Learning from Lived Experience: Making the NRPF Videos.

This weekend the SLRA base was transformed into a film set, as we went about capturing the footage for the NRPF videos which have taken shape over months of collaborative planning with our partner Project 17. We were joined by Young Creators (YCUK), who brought their equipment, their great minds and their energy as they […]

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