All about the amazing trip

Written by Bethelem – Daughter of an active member of our women’s group and joined many Kids parties on Zoom.

The trip was lovely and epic, we got to craft our own Easter baskets and put some Easter eggs, chocloate and candles in it. The trip was so adventurous that we got to see animals at the farm and before all that happened we went on a treasure hunt.

I met new friends and even I got to help on of my friend to find their way through the park because the park was gigantic that you can get lost easily but I am good at directions. As well as having a wicked day, we got to tell new jokes to volunteers and got a price for it. Inside the price bag were a lot of things… but most of all we had fund and ate good, healthy and diet food.

We went to the park and played and danced as much as we want. There were bubbles we played with and the little babies joined in – even my brother.

Thanks for creating the program – We had lots of fun and I hope you too!

BIG THANK YOU to Bethelem for writing such a wonderful blog entry about our Spring trip with the women’s group! It is fantastic to hear that you had a great time like us. A big thank you also to @korkypaul for #WinnieTheWitch books, Cornercopia for the soaps & @browngreencafe for the beautiful space!