Behind the scenes – delivery volunteer driver Mick

Behind the scenes - delivery volunteer driver Mick

One of the SLRAs’ most recent recruits is the charmingly candid, Mick. Being only four weeks into his time with us, Mick serves as a Volunteer Driver during the COVID 19 lockdown; collecting and delivering donations across the reach of the SLRAs’ catchment.

While loading donations into his car, his smile is just as bright as the day, beaming and warm. Before the government lockdown due to Covid-19, Mick spent his days driving coaches. He tells of enjoying being able to make a difference while getting out of the house on a sunny day; even if the right door numbers are sometimes tricky to find.

“I think it’s important to show that some people welcome refugees in this country and want to help” – Micks’ reason for volunteering rings true to his character; direct, impactful and upholding a strong kindness at its core.

Speaking of how refugees get an undeservedly hard time, it’s clear to see the values that he has chosen to act upon to help others, fall perfectly in line with the care and inclusion that the SLRA strive to provide.

This text is part of a new series of regular updates and stories we want to share about the amazing people behind our work at SLRA. Thanks to Radhika for text and photographs. We’re looking forward to sharing more stories soon.