Our team also includes over 50 volunteers. Our volunteers are local people, many of whom have lived experience of migration.

Volunteers welcome people, cook lunches, give advice, accompany people to appointments, help in our office, help people learn new skills, teach English, organise parties and events, support our Youth Club and much more.

Stories about volunteering with us

Camera on, microphone connected, join the SLRA Youth Club on Zoom

Since the end of September, SLRA’s youth club project, Global Youth, has re-started its in-person sessions. Around 12 young people have been joining the youth club each week. The youth club is ...

Access to the COVID-19 vaccination for migrants and refugees

In the beginning of December 2020, the UK started with the vaccination program for COVID-19. Since we live in a pandemic, there has been much (mis-)information around and about COVID-19 ...
SLRA Zoom kids' party

There’s nothing like dinosaur dancing around your room, to wake you up on the weekend!

Our weekly ZOOM Kids’ parties with our most amazing kids facilitator Tamara Astor have been running since mid-March and will continue to cheer us up throughout the grey and cold ...
Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes – Women Group and Kids activities volunteer Tamara

Our staff and volunteers at the SLRA work on such a personal level, they often end up bringing more to the role than even they expected. Tamara is one of ...
Smiling cyclist

Behind the scenes – ESOL volunteer Sarah and how to teach during lockdown

Our clients are at diverse stages on the journey to lay new foundations for themselves and their families here in the United Kingdom; seeking safety and build independent lives for ...
Pink stationery

Behind the scenes – Meet our local community bringing in donations

An important part of what we do here at the SLRA, is liaising with other charities, businesses, local community groups and wonderful individuals; to adapt to the unexpected circumstances during ...