ESOL Garden Party

written by Sarah, one of the ESOL teachers

After almost 86 online lessons on Mondays and Thursday over 16 months of Lockdowns the ESOL team finally got to reunite with some of our students at a garden party at the Woodlawn Centre today. Students came from as far away as Wembley and Hammersmith to join in the fun and games and to meet up with their classmates for the very first time. It was wonderful to see some of the familiar faces of our students who had not been able to attend our Zoom classes and meet many of our virtual students too!

We played a selection of games including pass the parcel, the memory game and even had a fashion show. It was good to know that most students had remembered lots of the things they had been taught. Following the introduction and games everyone enjoyed a delicious meal prepared by Mohammed and Araf. The sun shone and a great time was had by all.

“It was a wonderful day to meet face to face with professors and colleagues.. It was a beautiful day to get to know each other more.”

Message from a student after the ESOL Party

We are looking forward to starting face to face lesson in September, watch this space for more information.