UK Citizens Assembly in Lambeth

At the end of April, there was the Lambeth Citizen Assembly with the local candidates for the local election. Our community leaders and staff members prepared our task around the issue Migration and Welcome. It was a special event and we were happy to hear from all three candidates that they agreed on our asks. Read more about the preparation for the Citizens UK assembly here.

On of our community leaders, Carla, wrote down how she felt during the UK Citizens Assembly below:

“It was my pleasure to be part of the assembly because it was a unique experience as it was my first time to be involved in such event. Due to the importance of the event, I had a couple of weeks to prepare myself with other people that were involved too. Those meetings took place online and also in person, on the day of the event. During the meetings I would practising reading the phrases to make sure I was familiar with the words and I was able to read within 2 to 3 min. The practicing helped me to build my confidence while reading in front of people. I enjoyed everything about the assembly, starting with the meetings and the actual date of the event because it was good to me to know that I would be reading something that a decision makers would agree to change or help.”