There’s nothing like dinosaur dancing around your room, to wake you up on the weekend!

SLRA Zoom kids' party

Our weekly ZOOM Kids’ parties with our most amazing kids facilitator Tamara Astor have been running since mid-March and will continue to cheer us up throughout the grey and cold season ahead. Many of our families face precarious living conditions with their children and with new COVID 19 restrictions in place it can be hard to offer children (and parents) a creative and cheerful break. Our regular online activities have been a lovely anchoring point of the week.

We have just received funding from the Barrow Cadbury Trust to develop the parties further and we’re really looking forward to building on the community that we’ve already created and helping to make a space for the kids to shine! Our group’s new working title is “Super Lemony Running Apples”… to fit with the acronym SLRA!

Thanks to the new funding, Shaelee Rooke – actor and facilitator – has joined us, as well our new long-term volunteer Lisa who joined us from the German organisation ‘Action reconciliation Service for Peace‘. Both are contributing brilliantly and bringing fresh ideas to the zooms.

We sent out 36 new boxes of crafty delights, including a bespoke, handwritten/drawn scrapbook full of activities to fit with the season… autumn leaf crafts, facepainting and fireworks etc.

We will do some of the activities together on Zoom (or with video tutorials) but the scrapbooks will also allow the children’s imaginations to run wild in their own time! There are lots of gaps for photographs of them undertaking each activity. This will work via the adults taking the photos on phones, then sending them to Tamara who will get them printed and send them out in the next craft packs. We are making a ‘music video’ on Zoom to go with the kids’ club song, which we are composing together… so watch this space!