Learning from Lived Experience: Making the NRPF Videos.

This weekend the SLRA base was transformed into a film set, as we went about capturing the footage for the NRPF videos which have taken shape over months of collaborative planning with our partner Project 17. We were joined by Young Creators (YCUK), who brought their equipment, their great minds and their energy as they set about recording. The videos themselves were co-written, co-directed and starred in by women with lived experience of struggling with NRPF, some of whom have long been members of our women’s group, some we met through Project 17, and some SLRA members who wanted to help.

Their words, shared in a group discussion and one to one interviews, were courageously shared and captured to get accessible information out there to those who need it, and to raise public awareness about the issues caused by the NRPF condition – by ‘learning from lived experience’. One of the things the video team talked about was the struggle to access proper, reliable information and advice. The videos will not only explain what NRPF and Section 17 mean literally, but also what they mean to people who have been through them, sharing advice and information through facts and through personal stories.

Everyone involved did such a wonderful job, so keep an eye out; the videos are currently in the editing process- in the safe hands of YCUK- and we are all on the edge of our seats for their completion! The whole video project team is coming together after next Sunday at the Woodfield Pavillion to finish off, say thanks, and share food- and hopefully even preview a small portion of what we filmed.

Images are of posters made by the women during the filming.