Winter Hardship Fund 22/23

Once again, this year has been a real challenge for us all but for the vulnerable migrants who come to us at SLRA and need our support, things are even harder.

Since 2010, the Home Office have been launching attacks on our communities through administrative and legislative measures, which are purposely designed to make it as difficult as possible for migrants living in the UK, who can’t prove their legal status.

Undocumented migrants are forced out of public services and are pushed into extreme poverty and homelessness. With no right to work, and no access to public funds, undocumented migrants are some of the most vulnerable people in our communities.

Many of the people we work with understand the stress and hardship of winter homelessness only too well as far too many vulnerable migrants end up street homeless at some point in their journey through the asylum or immigration system. We want to make sure there is at least a small safety net for those who find themselves without shelter now that the weather has turned so cold.

SLRA can provide the advice but we really need your help so they can get the essentials, such as sleeping bags, food, winter clothes, toiletries or phone credit.

£100 could provide food and warmth to a migrant family this winter

£50 could keep a vulnerable migrant warm this winter

£25 could help a young person to stay connected and feel less alone this winter

£10 could provide essential items, such as toiletries