Women’s group Manifesto

SLRA women's group

Written by Amanda 

In a recent Friday session facilitated by Lisa and Tamara, the women’s group were tasked with getting creative and updating the SLRA manifesto that was written June 2020. We enjoyed scratching our heads with some wordplay and had interesting discussion about concepts behind language.  

The session was very relaxed. We started with our wake and shake music stretches as usually. A few highlights that we really enjoyed were when Tamara showed a picture of her in a robotic dress up at the front of a Gallery and Tamara’s fruit vocal session to prepare us for performing our manifesto. 

We achieved our goal of updating our manifesto which we share and hope it is within all of our mindset. As well as that we enjoyed a song and narration of the same. 

A great session overall! 

Women’s group manifesto

We are a group of excellent women and we want change!

We want to live functional, active, and productive lives. We want our independence, freedom, and justice. We will continue to draw attention to these!

Fighting against injustice, racism, inhumanity, gender and sexual discrimination, and to end hate crime!

We fight for what we stand for, We fight for our cause, and We fight against waiting in insecurity and endless uncertainty. And we will reach this in togetherness.

We want to feel uncompromised and protected, to help each other, to be creative and to have space for self-development.

We deserve to be able to care for our families and offer the best for our children.

We deserve to be treated with respect and kindness.

We as a women’s group heard our voices, see our needs to access our basic rights to housing, food and safety.

And finally, we all deserve a good vacation.

10th of June, 2021

This blog entry was written by one of our women who joins the women’s group regularly.  

The manifesto will be part of the women’s group zine they are creating right now. So, stay connected to see more of the zine.