Celebrating Solidarity at the ‘Migrant Connections Festival’

Photo credit: federivas.com

September saw the triumphant return of the ‘Migrant Connections Festival’. Hosted by Migrant Connections, alongside SLRA as a partner, the festival serves as a platform to celebrate the contributions of migrants, refugees, and asylum seekers to UK society, spotlighting rich and diverse cultures through the mediums of food, music, art, and storytelling.

Originally created to help create a space for migrants to feel welcomed, safe and wanted, this year’s festival revolved around the themes of solidarity and resistance. The event featured a kaleidoscope of offerings, ranging from music and culinary delights to dance, art, educational sessions, and well-being activities.

However, the festival did not merely represent a celebration; it was a profound opportunity for participants to share their experiences and connect with the broader community. By sharing stories and experiences, we can break down barriers and foster understanding and compassion.

Photo credit: @Darnel_Dacres

The festival also provided attendees access to numerous organisations that could provide practical support, such as offering free English lessons, clothing and legal aid. Free access to all activities, workshops, and services was provided, with travel expenses for those in need covered and free childcare available throughout the day.

Inclusivity and solidarity lie at the core of both what the festival celebrates and promotes, with migrants at the heart of the celebration, from organisers and facilitators to performers and attendees. It is through such collective efforts that we hope to create a community which stands in solidarity with each other.