Behind the Scenes: Interview with community leader Carla

Interviewee: Carla, community leader / Interview: Lisa / Interview via What’s app

What was your motivation to join the Community Organising Course?
“I joined because I wanted to gain a new skills and learn what it takes or needs to become an organiser (leader).”

What did you like about it?
“Everyone in the course were friendly, respectful and I got to meet people that are going through the same thing as I.”

What have you learnt?
“I’ve learned that anyone can be a leader dispute of your current circumstances.”

Was there a session that you particularly liked / enjoyed?
“I would say all of them were brilliant but the one that I particularly liked was when someone in the group shared her personal story. It gave me more confidence to keep pressing and going forward.”

Is there a particular topic that is important?
“The amazing thing about the course is that everything that was being discussed were important and helpful.”

What are you next steps? What are your hopes for the future?
“Now I’m part of Care for Young Migrants and Settle Our Status Campaign. And I’m open to be part of any other opportunities that SLRA has to offer.”

Big thank you to Carla for taking time to answer all of these questions! It is great to have such a strong and active member in our community. If you want to learn more about the community organising course, you can click here.