A trip to the Garden Museum

Blog entry written by Florence – a member of our women’s group

The SLRA women group trip to Garden Museum was an exciting trip for me and my experience was amazing. The museum environment was very calm and very welcoming ????, the staff smiling at us makes us feel relaxed to go in and enjoy our visit. We learned about different plants, the stories and benefits each plants bring – It was really exciting. It was not just the plants, the photographer’s tour around was amazing, I saw different exhibitions and the information about the gardeners was amazing.

Another exciting thing was the pottery workshop. When the lady show us a bird ???? that was made from clay soil, and she teaches us how to do it. We all had a go, it was fun. When I was making my bird ????, it relaxed my mind, it calmed my nerves and it really helped me to focus. This reminded me of my pre-school days, even though my bird tail came out looking like a fish tail ???? ????, but the lady was very nice. She appreciated my art work and this gave me more confidence.

The Garden Museum was very educating. I saw something I usually see in African shops called calabash in different sizes and shapes. We have those things in African and Caribbean countries. The calabash are used in our traditional weddings or parties. The Garden Museum helped my mental being; I learned a lot and I had so much fun. Thank you Garden museum – I am looking forward to go there again with friends.

Photos by federivas.com