Our short-term counselling service provides emotional and psychological support with immediate problems and changes in our clients’ lives. It helps with developing healthy coping strategies and skills and with cultivating personal resilience and strengths. Clients who need longer-term or specialist mental health support are referred on to the appropriate services while receiving temporary support from our counsellors. In addition to one-to-one sessions, our counsellors also facilitate therapeutic group sessions and contribute to volunteer training and supervision.
Our aim is to provide a holistic service where not only the practical, but also the psychosocial needs of our clients are met.

Please Note:

  • Our counselling service is offered to adults and young clients over 18.
  • We do not take external referrals
  • We are not a crisis service. In case of emergency please call 999 and to access urgent help visit the NHS website for information on urgent mental health help. You may need urgent help for mental health for many different reasons. Some people call it a crisis, an emergency or a breakdown. It’s important to know that support is available, whatever you’re going through.

“The counsellor is very kind. She listens to me and my head feels not so confused after I speak with her”