Miriam's story 


Miriam was trafficked to the UK  when she was 15 years old and served a 6 month prison sentence for immigration offenses because she was thought to be over 18. On her release she was sent to live with foster carers. She was linked in with us by her foster carer and began attending SLRA youth club and English and Maths classes and receiving support from our youth caseworker. Miriam was unhappy and lacked the confidence to socialise with other young people or attend activities. Our caseworker succeeded in securing housing for Miriam which was near to our Youth Club, her foster family and to the college where she had got a place. Miriam took part in a wide range of our Youth programme activities and was supported to set goals for herself and to identify the changes she wanted to make in her life. Attendance at workshops and regular involvement in the youth club allowed her to quickly gain confidence and independence skills. Miriam has now finished college, has a job and is planning to apply to university.
Miriam still attends our weekly Maths catch up lessons so that she can secure the GCSE grade she needs for university entrance

Amed's story


Amed is a refugee from Sudan. He was referred to us by his GP who was very concerned about him.

Amed was unsure of his immigration status and was very anxious. He had applied for asylum but had been receiving conflicting information from the Home Office. Our caseworker helped Amed to clarify his status and supported him every step of the way through the asylum process.

Due to traumatic experiences  in his country of origin, Amed was suffering from post traumatic stress disorder and depression and was finding it very hard to cope. We made a referral to a specialist mental health service which supported Amed to steadily improve his mental health and well-being. Attending our regular drop-in sessions also helped Amed to build his confidence  and, with our support, he also started to volunteer in the community and attend IT lessons.

After months of waiting, in February 2015 Amed was granted refugee status. This brought a whole new set of questions and confusion about what to do next. We guided Amed through the process of applying for support and secure housing. We also referred Amed to a specialist employment service for newly granted refugees where he has been building up his employability skills.

Amed has now made valuable progress towards building a stable future for himself in the UK.

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